Which cardio fitness practice for which motivation?

Do you want to firm up your body? To meet people? To clear your head or complete your sports training? Then cardio fitness is for you!

Because there are many (very) good reasons to play sports and, more particularly, cardio fitness, we reveal here all the virtues of this multifaceted discipline. Whatever your desire, this practice will answer it!

To reshape your body

Want to lose a few pounds? Strengthen certain areas of your body? Here are some tips, who tells us the procedure to follow and the practices towards which to turn to meet the challenge.

“On average, 70% of practitioners engage in cardio fitness to lose weight. And it is rather a good thing because it is a discipline that perfectly meets this objective. If you are overweight, you can for example start with biking lessons. “This practice will not strain the joints and involves a significant energy expenditure”, indicates the professional. “To start, it’s perfect!”

Depending on your level and your possibilities, many other practices are available to you : cardio fit, muscle strengthening, circuit training, zumba, body sculpt... benefits of these different practices. They will bring several benefits, some will raise the heart rate more, others will sculpt the silhouette more quickly. The advantage is that they are also complementary!”

In short, do not hesitate to try, this is how you will find the shoe that suits you!

To diversify your activities

Do you already play sports and want to try something more? Here again, in terms of cardio work and muscle building, the practice of cardio fitness can only have advantages! "It's always interesting, even for seasoned athletes, not to stay on a single activity", continues our coach full of good advice.

“To prepare for a trail run, for example, the runner can derive multiple benefits from doing an hour of biking during his lunch break. He will come to strengthen his thighs and his cardio at the same time. If he wants to develop his agility a little and strengthen his joints, he can taste the joys of circuit training, which will maintain his cardio and work his ankles.

For cyclists, runners and swimmers, cardio fitness will also focus on the development of other parts of the body. “When you practice a single physical activity, you tend to always work the same areas, the same muscle groups. With cardio fitness, you can specifically focus work on this or that area.”

And then, in winter, when the thermometer drops a little too much, even for the most courageous, indoor sessions allow you to maintain your sports capital, your cardio and all your muscle groups... Including with stretching sessions, very appreciable for experienced athletes.

For your daily well-being!

Practicing cardio fitness is also and quite simply knowing how to take a little time for yourself, to talk and cut from a sometimes busy daily life. “I tend to advise my practitioners of a slightly gentler activity at lunchtime, to take a break from their speed day. On the other hand, at the end of the day, many of them like an activity that moves more, to cut, spend and clear their heads.

If you want to maintain your physique without suffering (too much) pain, do not hesitate to opt for fitness dance. “Zumba is for example a very playful practice, accessible to all, which does not require a technical level to start”, indicates Stéphane. “It's hassle-free and group lessons allow you to meet people, disconnect and play sports in a good mood. For those who wish to spend while having fun, it's a winning bet! “.

Cardio fitness or cardio training is THE discipline of the gyms. So much so that they always offer more different courses with attractive names. Easy to access, cardio allows you to let off steam in addition to developing your cardiovascular and respiratory capacities. Find here all our advice and files to discover cardio training and progress in its practice.Jump rope training