Top 7 sports to practice in the morning

You would like to exercise. Yes, but when ? How about trying right after waking up?

It seems that "the future belongs to those who get up early". After a good night's sleep, it's ideal to do some sport to start the day on the right foot. And the advantage is that it allows you to tick the sport box in your schedule, "at least it's done" and your day starts off on a good footing. Your sports session will not go by the wayside today.

Why is it advisable to exercise in the morning?

Morning exercise puts you in a good mood for the whole day. In question ? Hormones. The production of dopamine or endorphins, antidepressants and natural energizers is stimulated. Here are all the tips for choosing the right morning sport and enjoying its benefits all day long. Come on, we advance the alarm clock an hour, we put on our sportswear and we start?

What sport in the morning to wake up early and in a good mood?

Do you like waking up gently? Your body too. Here are some sports suitable for morning practice.

1. Yoga before breakfast

It's the perfect sport to wake up to. When you jump out of​ bed, directly on the carpet! It combines listening to oneself, breathing and postures and adapts to all needs. Is your body stiff? Stretching improves your flexibility. Your body is heavy? The twists massage your organs. Do you want movement? Chain the dynamic postures. Yoga is a great way to energize and keep smiling all day.

2. Pilates, to reconnect with your body

It strengthens the body in depth. Are your joints a little rusty after a night's sleep? It is a good choice of discipline to practice at dawn. Pilates exercises, targeted on a part of the body, follow the rhythm of the breath. We learn to position ourselves, while maintaining tight abs and perineum. A sport to gently build muscle and work on your posture.

3. The morning gym, at home or at the gym

It is a free practice. Sheathing, abdominals, buttocks, you can do it at your own pace, for as long as you want. To avoid hurting yourself, there are many programs and guided video sports sessions online to practice at home: in 7-10-15 minutes, complete and varied sequences sculpt your silhouette. If you are motivated, you can even go to the gym. Generally it's pretty quiet in the morning, there aren't too many people, perfect for taking the time to wake up without necessarily having to be sociable.

4. Walking, to do morning exercise without thinking about it

If you crave some fresh morning air, walk. Walking awakens your muscles and your senses, works your cardio and your endurance. Forget the excuse of the weather! The sun is good humor and vitamin D. Rain and wind, it is freshness and tonicity. So walk to work, get off a stop earlier, or park a little farther away, it's the best way to exercise without realizing it.

5. Jogging to boost your metabolism

Do you need a more dynamic practice? Opt for running, but in a moderate and progressive way, without forgetting to warm up well to preserve your muscles and joints and reduce the risk of injury.

6. The bike, to go to work

And if you go to work or school by bike. The perfect solution for everyday sports. You'll sculpt concrete legs, arms and abs and improve your breath. If the distance or the elevation scare you, the electric bike is a good compromise.

7. Swimming, for the bravest

Dare to swim in the morning. Doing the lengths calmly will allow you to approach the day with strength and vitality. It's a great sport choice if you're looking to lose weight. We put on our swimsuit, and hop in the water!

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