Cardio fitness or cardio training is THE discipline of the gyms. So much so that they always offer more different courses with attractive names. Easy to access, cardio allows you to let off steam in addition to developing your cardiovascular and respiratory capacities. Find here all our advice and files to discover cardio training and progress in its practice.Jump rope training

Jump Rope training

Beginner level: light skipping rope training

Jumping rope requires significant dynamic effort.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to alternate your exercises with active walking, elliptical trainer, cycling or even jogging. Activities that will quickly develop your physical capital.

The jump rope should be used with care:

- not barefoot

- stretch first

- dress accordingly (compulsory fitness bra for women!)

- To avoid aches, remember to stretch after each training session.

Confirmed level: complete your jump rope training

If you are an experienced athlete, use the jump rope as an addition to your training.

It only makes you work the calves, quadriceps, glutes. For a complete program, do not hesitate to work the muscles of the upper body with pull-ups, bench presses and push-ups.

Remember to warm up well before each workout.

Skipping rope, the right workout for runners

The jump rope proves to be an ideal training accessory for runners. Not only for endurance, but also for concentration.

When you train, you perform hundreds of small jumps per minute. This requires extreme concentration and a constant need to adjust speed and height.

In short, you work on the reactivity of your feet, which is essential for running.

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