Exercising at home: our advice

Playing sports at home: the easy way to practice regular physical activity and stick to it! Here are some tips for you to move around at home, alone or accompanied.
Why exercise at home?

Because, like all of us, you undoubtedly have time constraints and a busy daily life. Because you might not want to go to a crowded gym. Because at home it's comfortable and practice in complete privacy is what you need. In short, the reasons are multiple and, whatever they are, we answer your questions about sport at home!

Doing sports at home, how do you do it?

First of all, you may be asking yourself a thousand questions about sport at home: "Is it better to do a little sport every day or a big session every 3 days?", "The 10,000 steps, I replace with what?”, “Do you have to have aches for muscle strengthening to be effective?”... Because there are no stupid questions, we answer all your questions in our top 10 questions on home sports!

- First step: choose your sport. In the following paragraph, we give you some ideas for practicing at home, with full knowledge of the facts.

- Second step: make some space in your living space. As you can imagine, practicing a sports activity at home requires a minimum of space. So don't hesitate to push the plants a little and fold up the Berber carpet, so it's done and you won't be disturbed during your session.

- Third step: adopt a comfortable outfit, adapted to the practice you have chosen. The idea: to feel comfortable. Perhaps the sport you have adopted will require fitness equipment or a few accessories, so consider getting them.

What sports are easy to practice at home?

The range of sports to do at home is very wide! A godsend to find the one that will please you and motivate you in the long term.

To practice gently first, think of gentle sports such as the gym, stretching, Pilates or yoga. Indoor sports perfect for relaxing, reconnecting with yourself and at the same time maintaining your shape and figure.

To build muscle, why not try muscle building? Again, there are many exercises to vary your sessions. In addition, there is not always need for tons of accessories, the proof with the sheathing!

Which cardio fitness practice for which motivation?
Do you want to firm up your body? To meet people? To clear your head or complete your sports training? Then cardio fitness is for you!